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About G&M Healthcare Services


G&M Healthcare Services was founded in 2016 by Shanté Mitchell of Toledo, Ohio

The inspiration to start a healthcare agency came about from the passing of her father George Mitchell Jr. for whom the agency is named. When Shanté was just 24 years old she witnessed the health care system fail her father, which ultimately led to his passing at the young age of 46. This was the lowest moment of her life.


To deal with her loss and to make a positive change in the health care industry, she focused her knowledge and work experience into to starting G&M Healthcare Services. Shanté has said, “I took the anger and negative energy I had, and reversed it to something positive. I decided to start this agency in dedication to him, and with the guarantee to provide quality care for every individual we serve.”

If you are passionate about helping others, you would be a welcome part of the G&M Healthcare Services team!
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